We had an outstanding experience. The coaching staff could not have been better. Coach Hugo was technically an exceptional teacher and we felt he was a true educator. All the coaching staff was approachable prior a the session and answer all our concerns. As the program continued I think we got to know the coaching staff personally and had an exceptional experience overall.....
— Dirk Hainey
Coach Hugo was very accommodating. I felt like every session happened very smoothly and with precision. I would highly recommend JOGA futsal and any EPD’s program. Jose was amazing with SAQ, the sessions were always well organized, overall a great experience. We are very happy to find a program like this in NYC and we highly recommend it.
— Sandy LaPlage
Coach Jose’s exercises were creative and productive. He had obviously reviewed our desires and the SAQ program set up was personalized to our specific needs.

The COMBAT Training program itself met our expectations and was very detailed and we saw improvement with every session. We are already thinking about starting a new program
— Seymour Glass
Jose, Hugo, and Steven made this program special. The coaching staff made sure that every player was well looked after, comfortable, well taught and always happy to train, whether it be SAQ, technical skills, or goalkeeper activities, they always look happy about sharing their knowledge about the game.
— A & P
We have enjoyed every session and we see improvement on Jonathan already. This program has helped him to break out of his shell and his self confidence is growing. We really like the approach of all the coaching staff and wish there were more coaches like this around youth players. Overall EPD is a great program for all youth soccer players.
— Buckminster C.
It is what I would call a solid 4.5 star experience for any player. In other words, I give it a 9 out of 10.
— Quentin