Often I see many players with the ability to dribble and make moves but they don't have the proper mechanics or understanding of the technique to running with the ball (RWB). Is this unawareness of the RWB technique that often causes them to lose the ball or take wrong decisions. The small details are what makes a big difference, I will show a simple exercise that will help you with the basic technique to RWB and its proper application. After practicing and improving you should apply them on 1v1 scenarios during practice.

There are two ways of running with the ball:

  1.  Small tight areas (Messi)
  2.   Big open areas (Ronaldo)

As a player you should master both techniques and we will give you the tips and show you some exercises that can help you improve your technique to run with the ball.

The first technique we will discuss is the MESSI Technique – small quick touches – players should use their pinky toe drive the ball, the ankle should be bend inside, and hips should be straight in order to drive the ball with speed and control.

The second technique we will show is the RONALDO Technique – long big touches – players should use their pinky toe to drive the ball, ankle must be tucked inside, and the touches should be longer to exploit the open space.


  • Set up as shown above
  • 1 ball per player
  • 5/6 reps per foot 


  1. (Red) Player Zig-Zags around the cones with MESSI touches as fast as they can. Player alternates the right foot and their left foot
  2. (Blue) Player Loops-Around the cones with RONALDO touches as fast as they can. Player alternates the right foot and their left foot
  3. Players use the inside or outside of their foot to turn around the cones

 Coaching Points:

  1. Positive 1st touch 
  2. Pinky Touches, Ankle tucked-in, Toe pointing down
  3. Acceleration and Deceleration
  4.  Head up to recognize space
  5.  Knees bend for low center of gravity 
  6. Messi Vs Ronaldo - how to combine both?