Elite Player Development (EPD) is a new progressive training initiative that sets the foundation for youth soccer development in New York City. The main focus is the youth ages of 7-15 years old as these are the golden years for formation; EPD operates as a “Club Neutral” model where players remain in their club teams and augment their development through our structured training program with high quality coaching that offers a variety of individual and small group training. The mission of the program is to create an efficient and intense learning environment leading to accelerate development in all key areas of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychosocial.

The main program for EPD is “JOGA futsal” – JOGA means, “play” in Portuguese – and it typically runs on the weekends to better complement the club training. We use futsal because it is an environment in which players are demanded to hone their technical skills and the small dimensions force players to improve their decision-making. In addition the 5v5 game scenarios is perfect for player development in all four key areas, players love this scenario because they get multiple touches on the ball and it motivates them to be creative.

In addition to JOGA futsal, EPD provides the following programs:

1) Technification Program – an all technical approach to improve the player’s technical skill sets in relation to space, time and defender’s position,

2) Combat Training – Physical training to improve the player’s Speed, Agility, Coordination, Strength. Gets them comfortable with physical contact and educates them on injury prevention techniques,

3) Freestyle Training – freestyle approach training to help players master ball control with all parts of their body and the ability to make tricks gives them more confidence on the field

4) GK Training – an all Goalkeeper training that focus on shot stopping and ball distribution, along with all the other qualities that keepers need.

  All programs offer a private individual training or private small group training.

The EPD player development curriculum is based on the top academies in the world, such as: AFC AJAX & FC BARCELONA. The sole purpose of the program is to:

(1) To Develop player’s technical skill sets along with their cognitive skills

(2) Create an inspirational, challenging and structured environment for talented players.

(3) To educate players by emphasizing core life values about effort and respect.



With a great history and culture we wanted to concentrate our efforts in the Queens area because is an area that attracts major talent and has the potential to be a “hotbed” for producing talented soccer players with the right foundation to succeed at bigger platforms. The fact that Queens is located in between the Manhattan area and the Long Island area allows us to serve to both NYC areas. There is also an influx in this areas of returning players coming back to the game as coaches but don’t have the proper guidance or tools. EPD’s objective is to create a cycle with the program that will develop and educate: Players & Coaches for the future.